No manager or player shall commit the following:

Lay a hand upon, shove or strike with hands or equipment, attempt to shove or strike or threaten an official. Players and managers guilty of such conduct shall be immediately suspended from further participation in the game and shall remain suspended until his conduct is reviewed by the board of directors/commissioner. Players and managers guilty of such conduct shall be subject to suspension for a minimum of 4 games and a maximum of lifetime expulsion from the league.  A second offense will result in a minimum of (1) year suspension to a maximum of life expulsion.  The offender would then need a 3/4 majority vote from the board of directors for reinstatement.


The Umpire-in-Chief or representative shall report to the commissioner, within 48 hours, the names of any player or coach who may have been ejected from the game and circumstances surrounding the ejection.  As is the commissioner’s discretion, if any of the instances surrounding the ejections are so egregious, he may impose a penalty greater than what is prescribed.

For this rule a season shall consist of a calendar regular AND post season.


  1. The first time a player, coach, or manager is ejected from a game in a season. Minimum: on probation for the season. Maximum: 3 game suspension.
  2. The second time a player, coach, or manager is ejected from a game in a season. Minimum: 2 game suspension.  Maximum: 6 game suspension.
  3. The third time a player, coach, or manager is ejected from a game in a season, the player, coach, or manager will be suspended for the rest of the season (10 game minimum).  If the offender desires to play, coach, or manage the following season, or ever, the team that he wishes to participate for must apply for re-instatement to the league and said application must be approved by a majority of the voting members.
  4. When an umpire notifies the Commissioner of an ejection, the Commissioner or league representative will call the respective coach, who will inform him of the situation. With this call, the commissioner will institute the appropriate penalty for the ejection.


Any player who initiates a fight will be ejected and receive. Minimum; three (3) game suspension, five (5) games for a pitcher.  Maximum; lifetime expulsion from league. The second offense will receive.  Minimum;  suspension for rest of the season (12 games minimum if less than 12 left in current season) with a ¾ majority vote by board of directors for reinstatement the next year.  Maximum; lifetime expulsion.  All other ejection rules will be enforced.  (A player who remains in his position and is judged to be defending himself or a player who is attempting to prevent a fight shall not be ejected or suspended).

*All ejections and disciplinary actions may be appealed. The appeal will be heard by the (Commissioner, Vice-Commissioner and/or board of directors or rules committee) within 72 hours.  All fines can be rescinded or reduced at their discretion.


-Only team manager, coach or assigned representative shall come on to the field to pursue a decision or rule interpretation.

-The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden on the field, the bench area or any players area.

-Only players, coaches, managers, batboys and league personnel shall be allowed on a team bench.

-Any manager, coach, player or team representative whose behavior results in continual instances of misconduct (or any egregious act not covered in above rules) may be suspended or expelled for cause. Suspension and/or expulsion would require a ¾ vote from the board of directors.